SizeFitPlus: Online Shopping for Curvy Women –

SizeFitPlus: Online Shopping for Curvy Women


How many times have you been disappointed when an item you ordered online was too big or too small? I know I have! Sizes are different in different stores, which makes online shopping tricky, especially for curvy women, because not only do larger sizes tend to be different at every store, not every store carries larger sizes. Thankfully, SizeFitPlus is here to help.


SizeFitPlus is an online size calculator that helps you find the right size for your body, regardless of the retailer. All you need to do is enter your measurement and pick the retailer you want to buy from and let SizeFitPlus do the rest. Because retailers have their own sizing charts, SizeFitPlus works with dozens of stores such as AdditionElle, Forever 21, Gap, Penningtons, and way more, in order to provide the right size at your doorstep!


SizeFitPlus is simple to use and reliable. You simply have to add in your measurement and the website will remember it. However, it is recommended that you remeasure yourself every 3 months, to ensure that your shape has stayed the same. The website is the perfect place for plus-size women who wish to purchase trendy clothing, but more importantly, clothing that fits them right.


The website is more than just a size calculator. It is a community where women share tips and tricks with each other and where fashion experts offer their styling advices. Signing up for SFP will also bring you exclusive tutorials and promotional offers, for example $10 off at Beyond the Rack and at Scarlet & Julia. We love the idea, and because everyone is living such busy lives nowadays, anything that facilitates online shopping is definitely useful to us! Will you try this out? Let us know!


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