Spice up your life with Turmeric


Turmeric Powder in a bowl

If you’re cooking curry this evening, you might want to add an extra tablespoon of turmeric to the dish. Turmeric is also known as the “Indian Saffron” for it’s deep yellow-orange colour. This famous spice is what makes the mustard for your hot-dog yellow, but before it made it to North America it has been used in Indian and Chinese traditional medicine. It’s rich in manganese, iron, vitamin B6, fiber, and potassium, turmeric is packed with benefits that make it a key powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

5 Health Benefits of Turmeric

1. Cancer Prevention
Recent studies show turmeric is a powerful adversary to cancer. Curcumin shows an ability to stop cancer cell growth, boost antioxidant levels and the immune system, and kill cancer cells.

2. Promotes Weight loss and Prevents Type 2 Diabetes
Helps promote weight loss by suppressing the activity and number of immune cells in fat tissue. These are the cells that are responsible for an increase in insulin resistance in muscles and the liver, which stores sugars as fats in the body. Turmeric helps balance blood sugar which in turn also prevents development of Type 2 Diabetes in those with a diabetic disposition.

3. Relieves Arthritis
Due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties, curcurmin improves symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis such as pain, inflammation and stiffness of the muscle.

4. Helps Brain Function
Turmeric is extremely healing for the brain and for increasing memory function. Some studies say that curcurmin can help improve overall memory in Alzheimer’s patients because of it is a source high in antioxidants.

5. Prevents Liver Disease
Turmeric is great for the liver as it protects it from the damage caused by eating foods that contain high amounts of fat and excessive alcohol consumption.

All this and Tasty Too
Turmeric and health go hand in hand. It’s one of the world’s super foods. The amazing thing is that it can be enjoyed in many recipes too, so you can get all the health benefits  that turmeric has to offer, while enjoying a tasty meal at the same time.

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