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Spring Shopping: All About Open toes!


Spring, the season of new trends! Time to put your Spring dresses on, your hats and your open toe shoes. Open toes are the best options for Spring and they can be found in a multiple styles. Go get a pedicure soon so your toes are ready for this season!

We did a little shopping to find the open toe shoes we think you must have this Spring, and so here’s the list we have for you:

The classic mule

Alaska, Aldo, 85,00$

All Black

Aressa, Aldo, 110,00$

A Pop of color

Seveasa, Spring, 69,99$


Open-toe mule, Le Château, 69,95$

Rose gold

Mesh open toe mule, Le Château, 69,95$

Something different

Stripe pineapple patch mule, Le Château, 49,95$

Black and white

Galieva, Spring, 69,99$


Floral & pearl embellish mule, Le Château, 69,95$

Slip on

Ulyssia, Aldo, 100$


Peep toe mule, Le Château, 69,95$

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