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St. Patty’s Day, the Healthy Way



‘Tis true, everyone is Irish on St Patrick’s Day, but it doesn’t mean that everyone has to binge on Guinness and Corned Beef, too. There are ways to enjoy this holiday without compromising your diet and lifestyle. Here are our tips for a happy and healthy St Patty’s:

Hit in the parade
Stand (don’t sit) on the sidelines of the parade route and let the excitement move you! Clapping and waiving your hands will burn calories and strengthen your arm muscles; fighting the crowds will provide quite a cardio workout, too. If you wish to take it a step further, join the fun and march along with the floats.

Limit your alcohol intake
Not only are alcoholic beverages packed with empty calories, consuming too many of them during a short period can cause damage to the liver and brain. Also, the tipsier you get, the more likely you are to indulge in fatty pub food. Pace yourself, have a beer or two (light, of course) then move on to a different type of green drink, like anti-oxidant rich green tea!

Here is a reference table containing the number of calories for some of Ireland’s most famous ales—keep these values in mind when you’re choosing your drink!

Beamish Irish Cream Stout 140
Guinness Draught 125
Guinness Foreign Extra Stout 176
Harp Imported Lager Beer 136
Murphy’s Irish Red 171
Murphy’s Stout 150

Load up on “green”
No, not green beer but green veggies; like broccoli, spinach, cucumber and salad. If you’re celebrating St Patty’s at a pub, stay away from typical pub food–fries, burgers, wings, etc.— and limit your consumption of St Patrick’s Day staples, like sodium-rich Corned Beef; opt for a large salad or a plate of veggies instead, just go easy on the dressing and dip.

Pucker up
An hour of kissing burns over 100 calories! So slip on your Kiss me I’m Irish T-shirt or cap and start spreading the love.

Lord of the Dance
With plenty of Irish music filling the air, it’s hard to keep your feet still. Instead of grabbing another beer, head over to the dance floor and burn some calories—over 315 per hour, to be exact–while dancing (or attempting to dance) the jig.

Take in more green
If parades and pubs aren’t your thing, go for an end-of-winter hike in a park or forest. The fresh air will rejuvenate your body and lift your sprit, while the green scenery will help to relax your mind. Here’s a bonus; walking at a moderate pace burns at least 250 calories; vary the terrain and watch this number almost double.

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