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Under our radar: the new Microsoft surface pro 4 tablet
It was during Toronto Fashion Week that I discovered the new -and ultra complete- Surface Pro 4 smart tablet. I can hear you through the screen: why should we be so excited over the release of another gadget? It is true that tablets are all over the market, but this Microsoft beauty is more than a simple tablet: it’s an actual tool, a real machine that creates the most gorgeous projects. What did I test? Its sleek design, laser printed. Progress never stops…

During the presentation, Kimberley Newport-Mimran – the designer of Pink Tartan, the fashion blogger Jay Strut, as well as the designers behind Beaufille all expressed their more than positive comments about this new tablet. One of them uses it to approve payments and to keep track of her thousand and one tasks, and another one uses it to design the next collection. The tablet is slim, and can be easily slipped into our bags. It allows us to design clothes or to write novels, or basically anything we’d do on a computer. Yes, it can replace a computer. Complete, light, and cutting-edge technology; now you understand why this is exciting,right?


Long-lasting batteries and twice as fast as its well-known rival MacBook, its affordable price and the multiple accessories that complement it -the Surface Pen, keyboard,etc- are the reasons this tablet made its way on our list of Christmas gifts. So, ready to try this tablet out? I know I am…

Here is a fashion week inspiration video realized by Jay Strut, using this famous tablet:


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet, around $1200 at Best Buy and online.

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