Summer Guide: Healthy Eating’s top tips + suggestions
Spring was all about renewal: we cleaned our homes, our wardrobes, our souls, and even our bodies by doing a detox, or simply changing our eating habits to lighter, healthier foods. And now with warmer weather and bright, sunny days upon us, we’re inspired to keep it up; so we’ve gathered our best tips and suggestions for eating healthy this summer.

The basics

First, let’s keep in mind the essential rules for eating healthy. Read up!

Healthy Eating Commandments
Nutrition Tips from Around the World


The perfect summer meal: salad

Refreshing, healthy, colourful, and oh so tasty, salads really are a great meal choice for the hot season. More on salads, fruits, and veggies:

Savoury Salad Suggestions
Choosing a Healthy Salad Dressing
5 Ultra Low-Calorie Veggies
10 Fruits and Veggies to Enhance Your Meals


Outdoor eating

Summer is the perfect season for picnicking with the kids or a bunch of friends, or having a BBQ in the backyard. We’ve got some pointers for keeping the menu healthy when heading outdoors, right here:

Healthy Picnic Pointers
Healthy BBQ



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