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Testing: Healthy Frying!


Have you heard of the new cooking trend? Frying the healthy way, which basically takes out the fat and the calories (yes, it’s a thing!). We were intrigued, so we tried the Philips Airfryer. The concept is simple: the fryer is designed to remove excess oil and fat from foods when they cook, which results in delicious and crispy foods that are sometimes even healthier than oven-baked ones! The amount of olive oil that is needed when using this fryer is nothing compared to the amount you’d normally use. This fryer requires either very little or even none sometimes!


This trend has been found in many cookbooks written especially for healthy frying (pssst, Williams-Sonoma has one!). Our favorites have been kale chips, sweet potato fries and the nut-crust lamb roast. You thought that you didn’t need a fryer at home? That’s what we thought too, at first…

Philips Airfryer fryer, $249.99 at Best Buy, Canadian Tire and Linen Chest.


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