The 2016 Nail Trends You’ll Want to Try


Summer or winter, we take care of our nails. We file them, we clean our cuticles, we apply creams, oils and all the other products that exist in order to keep our hands looking nice. But whether you follow the trends or not, everyone is always a little bit influenced by what we see on the runways. Our prediction for 2016 is short nails with rounded tips. They can be round, oval or even almond-shaped. The squared nails, however, will probably be saying farewell. As for nail art, we are seeing a lot of geometrical figures and minimalistic designs. And if you really want to have nails worthy of being an It Girl, marble nails are what you need. Here’s a list of the latest trends and ways to get the best looking nails.

Ultrashiny nails
Matte lips and nails were popular these past seasons, but glossy is back and stronger than ever. Choose a nail polish with a shiny finish, and coat it with a top coat. That will give your nails a lustrous effect.


We are loving: the #ColorCurators collection by Formula X, in collaboration with the most influential personalities of the fashion world. The first of many collaborations is with blogger Aimee Song, from the blog Song of Style. The finish? Shiny, of course.

#ColorCurators nail polish: Song of Style edition by Formulax X, $16 each at Sephora and online. 

All pink everything
Pink is probably the color that we’ve painted our nails with the most in the past. The possibilities are endless, from bubblegum pink to muted pink, without forgetting about the nude pink and the raspberry pink. You will be happy to know that these shades are still very present on runways and remain a fashionista’s favourite.


We are loving: Bikini with a martini by Essie, which is part of the Retro Revival collection of the brand celebrating its 35th anniversary. In the 6 colors offered, we can find some of the brand’s most wanted colors, like the Starry Starry Night shade, that sells for up to $700 on eBay!

Essie nail polish in the shade Bikini with a martini, $9,99 in drugstores and department stores.

Mirror mirror
Because we’ve been loving matte nail polishes lately, we have been neglecting our metallic shades. Although matte polishes are still trendy (we will be seeing them a lot this year!), metallic is slowly finding its way back in our nail polish collection.


We are loving: the Raisin the Bar shade by Sally Hansen. It’s also part of the Complete Salon Manicure collection, that offers the same beloved bottle but with a new formula that strengthens the nails up to 64% thanks to its keratin complex. Something to love!

Sally Hansen nail polish in the shade Raisin the Bar, $9,50 in drugstores and department stores. 

Gel, of course
We are all familiar with UV machines, these machines that allowed us to do gel nails in the comfort of our living rooms. Then, these machines were replaced by nail polishes that allowed us to reproduce the gel effect in a few simple steps and to have perfect nails for a few days. That’s what we like! No need to bring extra material, only the nail polish bottle and you’re set.


We are loving: the COLOR AMP’D collection by Quo by Orly. A nail polish that looks like a gel, but can be removed like normal nail polishes. That’s all we could ask for! The shades are gorgeous as well. Our favourite is Speakeasy, because yes, neutral colors are still a favourite of all fashionistas!

Quo by Orly nail polish in the shade Speakeasy and Flexible Seal Coat, $10,99 each at Pharmaprix.

And if you’d like to try something simple, quick and efficient, try going for fake nails. No need to apply a nail glue that will ruin your nails, imPRESS sticks on your nails thanks to adhesive bands already installed on the fake nails. All you need to do is to press them on your natural nails, and you’ll have a runway looking manicure in no time!


Oval manicure by imPRESS, $9,99 at Walmart and Jean-Coutu.

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