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3_INTERNALWhy hiring a coach can help with self-fulfillment
The latest fad when it comes to your well-being? Life coaching! Life coaches are equipped and trained to help us work on our weaknesses, as well as put forward the best parts of ourselves. We wanted to look a bit further into this growing wellness trend, so we’ve put together a few points you need to consider before hiring one for yourself.

The benefits
In contrast to a visit to the psychologist, who simply highlights his or her patients’ problems, a life coach actively helps clients to move forward in their personal or professional journeys, to change the course of their lives or achieve a personal goal.  Therefore, it is not necessary to contact a life coach only when things are going badly for you; you can do so when you’re feeling well and when life is pretty good. The coach is simply there to help move us forward and push our limits. In short, life coaches are like wellness officers who take care of our professional or personal development.

Although it can be difficult to distinguish the differences between a life coach and psychiatrist, the former is simply someone who accompanies you on your journey to personal fulfillment, whereas therapy usually focuses on healing past wounds.

Why hire one?
You made the decision to meet with a life coach, but then what should you expect in terms of aspects or characteristics to work on? Several facets can be put forward at these meetings, ranging from communication, stress management, inability to verbalize things, or the inability to integrate into a group and find your place within. You will also get answers to many of your innermost questions, and learn to live more positively. Are you in a transitional period at work? Your coach will offer advice on how to manage change, or simply teach you how to balance work life and family. It’s a real goldmine of self-improvement skills that a life coach can offer.

Choosing the right one for you
Before jumping in, it is imperative to make an informed decision before investing your time and money on a life coach. It’s also important to note that while there is training, the life coaching profession itself is not legislated, so you need to do some thorough research to find a competent coach. Find a certified coach or member of a life coaching alliance or association, and ask about his or her career. The first few meetings will also help you gauge whether you feel comfortable and confident with this person, as the process requires you to open yourself up quite a bit. Finally, don’t hesitate to discuss a price and the terms of your sessions, as well as specifying what goals you have in mind. Finding the right life coach will take you where you want to go; it may take time, but the end result will be worth it!

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