The ’90s Called, They’re Making a Comeback


Recently, ’90s trends have been making comebacks in a big way. When I first saw chokers reappearing I was all like, “Could it be?” but didn’t want to get my hopes up because I have been Hurt by the fashion industry before and it’s hard for me to trust again. But, fortunately, they’ve been sticking around! Check out our favourite reappearing ’90s trends.

Crop tops

They’re tastefully donned by Taylor Swift with correlating high-wasted skirts, but let us NEVER FORGET that crop tops reached iconic status in the 90s, and rejoice that the full blown midriff reveal is no longer a faux pas. Channel your inner ’90s Xtina by rocking a top so cropped its very categorization as a shirt falls into question with your lowest slung pair of jeans, and don’t let anyone (even Oprah) tell you otherwise.


A staple of the ’90s, tattoo chokers are hopefully of a higher caliber than its predecessors – technology has advanced and I pray this will be reflected in the quality of the new necklaces. Hopefully they won’t snap or stretch but continue to deliver the nonchalant, “as if I care” punk-rock vibe.


What’s not to like about overalls? They’re playful, cute, and comfortable – basically jumpsuits you can layer (over a crop top, perhaps??). And who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit? Overalls have been re-vamped with various fabrics and cuts, making them super chic – but the Olsens will always wear them best.

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly (sandal)

Jelly sandals are Crocs on style steroids. They tragically faded from the limelight only to make a comeback the likes of which haven’t been seen since Britney circa 2007. Comfortable but glam, trendy but still low-key, we’re very happy these are sticking around.


Platforms have changed significantly since the Spice Girls. This time around they’re minimalist and chic, rather than the graphic leather boots that defined a generation. They instantly add a super-sleek aspect to your #ootd, as well as a couple extra inches of height!

What do you think? Will you be trying out any of these revamped trends?

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