The Activia Challenge Starts Now! –

The Activia Challenge Starts Now!


Ready to get healthy?
Oh, the wonders spring can work on our mood. The days start getting longer, the sun isn’t quite as shy, and we start spending more and more time outside. And who doesn’t think about getting in shape once the warm season returns? We all want to regain an optimal energy level, add colour to our plate, and plaster a great big smile on our face. Dieting? Sooo over it. Instead, let’s talk about the Activia Challenge.

So what’s the Activia Challenge? It’s a four-week challenge that involves eating two packs of Activia yogurt every day to get an adequate daily dose of probiotics. An awesome idea, considering that more than half of the population suffers from digestive discomfort (half!). Bloating, gas, gurgling; do these symptoms sound familiar? The Activia effect might just make a difference, you know.Activia is a probiotic yogurt that contains over one billion live, active BL bacteria in each serving. Not only do they facilitate digestion, but they also help to produce certain vitamins while preventing bad bacteria from spreading. This way, every bite of yogurt has an impact on your digestive system.If like us, you’d like to try the challenge, start by doing the personality test you’ll find on Danone’s website. Among the four profiles presented, we were identified as being skeptical: “Well-informed and detail-oriented, you have an opinion on everything.” Yup, that’s us! And that’s exactly why we’re rising to the challenge in order to get a clearer idea of whether this strategy will help our tummy feel better.Plus, you can win prizes, starting with the 100 participants who will get a free Activia Challenge starter kit. Then, every week, one lucky entrant will win a 16 GB tablet, and at the end of the contest, a grand prize winner will be sent on a Fairmont luxury retreat.Want to join the challenge? Check out the details right here.

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