The best mobile devices for 2016


Every year the world’s top tech companies battle to create mobile devices that are the perfect balance between functionality and style. And such is the pace of technological change that even some of 2014’s top smartphones can look old-fashioned.

So if you’re looking for a new mobile device that’s capable of handling the latest social media apps and online games, then check out the best smartphones and phablets for 2016.


The basics

A common problem smartphone users have is that they can be slow in processing the large amount of data that is always increasing. In which case, the latest range of phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note series have granted us phenomenal processing power and very fast download speeds.


Of course, such power comes at a price, and the large size of the device might be unpractical. In which case, the Apple iPhone 6s still provides a great amount of processing speed, and still maintains the brand’s sleek design aesthetic all the while fitting in your pocket.


As many people are increasingly using their mobile devices for viewing a wide range of media, manufacturers are making efforts to maximise the potential of smartphone screens. And Motorola have created the Nexus 6 which has a massive six-inch HD display that does an admirable job of being both an eReader and your own pocket television set.

Of course, Apple weren’t going to let these Android devices take the lead in multimedia online technology. And the iPhone 6s signals the brand’s long-awaited entry into the phablet market, and it should be more than capable of handling simple puzzle games such as Candy Crush Saga or even one of Lucky Nugget online slots to look out for that feature beautifully detailed graphics and absorbing gameplay.


Smartphone cameras are one of the main reasons mobile technology became so popular.

Everybody enjoys the fun of sharing a selfie on Instagram, and the Sony Xperia Z5 has done a great job using the brand’s skills to create a powerful 23 megapixel rear camera, complemented by a ton of user-friendly features that makes editing your photos easier than ever.

Although it seems like technology has done it all, manufacturers are still perfecting further innovations. It is easy to say that we’ve come very far in just a few years!

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