The Best Places in Lisbon


The Portuguese capital was all over Instagram this Summer. It is true that Lisbon has been growing in popularity, and for good reasons. With its multiple restaurants with diverse menus, its high street boutiques and its charming streets, the European city attracts travellers who are craving novelty. Are you planning a trip there? Discover my favorite places in Lisbon.


Restaurant Eleven


Not only is it one of the best places to eat in Lisbon, Restaurant Eleven is also one of the rare places in the capital to obtain the Michelin star. The menu will keep you wanting more for a long night – or an elongated lunch. Start off with champagne and a gorgeous view of the city, it is hard to not fall under the spell of this restaurant that offers an imaginative Portuguese cuisine. Tuna trilogy, creamy squid soup, lobster ravioli, cumin lamb; there’s always lots of fish on the menu, the fish being the classic Portuguese food. Wrap it up with a cheese platter and a variety of elaborated desserts, before leaving with signature Restaurant Eleven macaroons. Joachim Koerper, the chef behind the concept, is a Mediterranean food luminary, and also owns two restaurants in Rio de Janeiro. I highly suggest this place if you want to live a culinary experience that is out of this world. We also love the affordable prices of a Michelin awarded meal!



Located inside the São Luiz civil theatre, Mini-Bar welcomes foodies with a warm ambiance. It is the perfect place for bite-sized meals, each more intriguing than the other. José Avillez is a young chef who has recently opened some restaurants in his home country. His restaurant is a trendy place that always feels fresh and new. From Ferrero Rocher to foie gras, mini Vietnamese sandwichs, beef tartar, veal and parmesan rice or fried tempura avocado with kimchi, all their dishes are guaranteed to leave you impressed. We also went for the complete formula, which offered a menu with 12 small dishes for a little bit less than 50 euros. Make sure to try some of their cocktails before leaving with a head full of inspiring culinary memories!



Another high gastronomy restaurant that is worth a detour in Lisbon. Located on the well-known Avenida da Liberdade, the street where all the high street stores are, AdLib takes place in the hotel Sofitel, giving the place a charming chic look right as we get in. The cute terrace was definitely very tempting, but we still decided to eat inside, where we can observe the ambiance. A high end ambiance, but no pretentiousness reigned that night. The cuisine of the restaurant mixes French and Portuguese flavours, and the meals are generous and tasty. The chef surprised us with its round and different meals. I can still remember the crispy brie and duck risotto, the Portuguese style lamb, served with roasted potatoes, and the tuna tartar with its celery sorbet. This place remains one of my best gastronomical experiences from Portugal. Go try it for yourself!

Confeitaria Nacional


You are most likely familiar with the Pasteis de Nata, these little custard tarts that make Portuguese from across the world so proud. If you want to try these tarts, stop by the Confeitaria Nacional, and add on the side a cup of espresso to make your coffee break a truly Portuguese moment.

Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalau


Here is a place to go in between two shopping sprees to try their famous cod and cheese croquette. The place established in the heart of the touristic area of the city produces the famous pastel de bacalau. Go for a stop and to admire the stoves in the back, and then leave with some hot croquettes in hand!


Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa


What we like about the Sheraton is its perfect location, from where we can walk to all the main attractions of the city. The rooms are comfortable and the hotel welcomes businesspeople like tourists. I fell for the spa and the outdoor pool, a calm place in the middle of the capital – the decoration was beautiful by the way. For cocktail hour, I also recommend the Panorama bar, which is on the roof. The view is breathtaking. To take advantage of Lisbon in all of its glory, this is the stop.


Avenida da Liberdade


This street is one of the most luxurious avenues in the world. It starts off with the most expensive – and most chic- brands, and is then followed by local shops. Taking a walk on the avenue on a warm day is the perfect way to feel the energy of Lisbon (and while you’re at it, find some designer items!)

Centro Vasco da Gama


If you want to do some real shopping and want access to almost all the European labels all under one roof, visit this famous shopping mall close to downtown Lisbon. Inspired by the concept of a boat and having part of it underwater, this mall will fulfill your shopping abroad needs.


*Some of these visits were made possible thanks to VisitPortugal.

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