The best scarves to keep you warm this winter! –

The best scarves to keep you warm this winter!


After the Holidays comes the real cold — back to work, back to school… If we have learned anything from growing up in the city of Montreal, it’s that nothing is more stylish than dressing appropriately for the weather. Who says you can’t stay warm and fashionable? It’s all about the right accessories! If you’re looking to spice up your winter wardrobe, start off with scarves — they keep your neck and head warm, plus they make up for great selfie accessories.

Patterned scarves

If knits irritate you or you simply want a lighter and more versatile scarf, wool and polyester patterned scarves offer a softer alternative that doesn’t get tangled as easily. Plus, they can be styled according to your outfit — and can be worn as “capes” inside (or à la Olivia Palermo). Wrap them inside your coat for a warm and cozy feel or around your neck lightly for a more casual look. Plus? They are great transition scarves that can be worn in the fall too, depending on the color scheme you go for!

Our picks:

Aldo Onalilia, $30 online and in stores.

Zara Soft Scarf With Textured Weave, $19.99 online and in stores.

Banana Republic Diagonal Stripe Sheer Rectangular Scarf, $74 online and in stores.

The infinity scarf remastered

Remember when the infinity or “loop” scarf was all the rage, and every single fashionista owned at least five of them? Well, for good reasons! They are the most practical way to finish off an outfit while keeping you warm. The infinity scarf evolved alongside mainstream trends and styles, and is now available in an array of patterns, colors, and materials. From an everyday honeycomb loop scarf to one reminiscent of Hermès’ older designs, style them as you wish, without losing their practicality.

Our picks:

Walmart George Women’s Mixed Yarn Loop Scarf, $14.97 online and in stores.

Simons Sparkly heather-knit infinity scarf, $19.99 online and in stores.

Fur collars

Whether you are willing to invest in fur, or you just like the look of it, the fur collars trend of the year are definitely not dying down. They add a sophisticated touch to every look, and are warmer than most scarf options. Pair it with a leather jacket or a traditional all black longline coat for an elegant outerwear style, and keep it on inside to maintain the class — they are so versatile! And, most brands offer faux fur variations, for the ones who prefer a more affordable and eco-friendly version.

Our picks:

Dynamite Faux Fur Collar, $15 online and in stores.

Elama Anna Insert Fox Scarf, $750 online.

Aritzia Gregor Pull Through, $75 online.

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