The Denim on Denim Trend for Beginners


Follow the rules
It’s everywhere this season. The denim on denim trend is not easy to pull off, we’ll give you that. But hey, you really want to try it, right? Follow these simple tips so you can double up on denim the right way!

  • Choose up to two denim items, max! (3 or 4 is too much, it could ruin the whole outfit).
  • Pick different shades of denim. Opt for a pair of acid washed jeans with a dark denim shirt for example. Have fun combining similar denim items and see how it looks.
  • Is there such a thing as too much denim? Yes. Forget about patchwork, patterns and anything else that could be too much.
  • Don’t try to accessorize the look with a denim purse or denim shoes. There’s already a lot going on here!


Check out some of these style inspo we found on Pinterest. Will you give this fashion trend a shot this season?


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