The Editorial Team’s Fall Routine Tips


Here we go again! Summer is almost over, and September is all about… routines. But who said regular everyday life is necessarily stressful and hard to adapt to? Here are our best tips for avoiding chaos and continuing to take time for yourself.


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Veronique’s tip When September rolls around (already?!), we inevitably fall back into our routine. It’s pretty incredible how the same tasks and responsibilities seem to take twice as much energy to accomplish once the days start getting shorter and the weather, a little brisker. Why not take advantage of the new season to take care of yourself? After all, there’s nothing depressing about cocooning season! How I make sure to not forget to pamper myself? I make lists. It’s simple: I write everything down. House chores, events, outings, bills to pay, workouts, etc. The feeling of satisfaction when I check off a completed task is simply amazing! And in order to make sure I stick to my schedule, I try to reward myself when I’ve been able to manage my day as planned: a hot bath, a pretty mani, some time spent leafing through magazines, or a decadent dessert. Try it for yourself: you’ll see!


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Marie-Pier’s tip: To me, fall has always been synonymous with back-to-school season. At 23 years old, this is the first time I’m not actually heading back to class, and I have to admit that it makes me a little nervous. You see, my routine has always been planned around my class schedule, my work schedule, and then everything else. My life was always very busy because of all my different university projects and team meetings, so I didn’t have a choice but to make my priorities clear in order to fit everything into my schedule. How I managed? My planner. Every year, I’d buy a new one, although schools usually provide one. A pretty planner whose structure was adequate for my needs always gave me that extra help I needed to manage my tasks and responsibilities. The beginning of fall has also always been the time of year when I organize my workspace. I tidy up the bills and documents crowding my desk, and replace my pens, pencils, and my notebooks, and make sure that everything is working properly. A welcoming workspace helps keep your routine stable and effective, doesn’t it?


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Caroline’s tip: The girls on the editorial team were discussing routines; they all have great tips for getting organized for back-to-school season. As I listened to their discussion on the topic, I thought about what my routine-related tip would be. My lists? My planner? Not really. In fact, I actually don’t really have a routine. I listen to myself, and am able to complete my tasks when I can. Of course, I go to the gym at lunch time or in the evening, or whenever I can. I do the groceries when I need to, and the cleaning, when I have time. If not, my life is very busy, filled with surprises and new experiences; and that’s how I like it. In other words, I don’t have a routine because I think I don’t like them. I like being impulsive, spontaneous, and keeping things fresh. That might change if I have kids someday… So my tip is to listen to yourself, and especially, to not compare your life to someone else’s. If your friend is a pro at making lists, preparing food in advance and doing regular morning meditation sessions, that’s her business. You might prefer to pass by the market a few times a week, and cook with whatever is fresh right now. You have to admit that spontaneity is nice.


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Elisabeth’s tip: This year, I decided to prepare for fall in a whole new way: I’m taking off for an adventure in Spain. Because I love summer so much, September is always a tough call back to reality. The best way I found to avoid it is to go discover the incredible architecture Spain has to offer, and sip white wine with my toes dipping in the ocean and the sound of the waves in my ears. I’m not a huge fan of routines and all they bring with them: so travelling in September seemed like the best solution for me. When I come back from vacation, I’ll probably try my lovely colleagues’ tips for getting organized. Until then, I’ll have my head in the clouds and my suitcase in hand. Happy Fall!

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