The Golden Rules of Shaving



Shaving is one of the most popular methods used to make unwanted hairs disappear. Inexpensive, fast and simple, it fits perfectly into the busy lifestyle of the modern woman. Unfortunately, its results don’t last as long as laser hair removal or waxing, but there are still a few tricks that can help maximize the effectiveness of a good shave. So before you get out your razor, check out these pointers:

5 Easy Steps

Take a hot shower. The steam will open your skin’s pores, soften the unwanted hair, and make for an easier shave.

Cleansing your skin before shaving prevents dirt from entering the hair’s follicle (pore) and forming those itchy little red bumps.

Exfoliating eliminates dead skin cells and prevents in-grown hairs. Exfoliate before you shave- your skin will feel even smoother afterwards!

Lather on some shaving cream, making a circular motion. Shaving cream is essential because it covers and lifts up the hair. Wet your razor, and glide it across your skin in long linear motions. Don’t press too hard, so as to avoid cutting yourself. Also, try not to shave the same area more than once. There are two ways of going about it: if you want a close-cut shave, go against the hair’s natural direction. On the other hand, if you are afraid of cuts and in-growns, shave in the same direction as the hair grows. It’s good to try both ways at first, so you can pick the one you prefer.

Shaving damages your skin; it takes away the skin’s natural protective layer. That’s why it’s crucial to apply an unscented moisturizer generously to your skin once you’re done.

For the Best Results…
Use a razor with multiple blades rather than just one. You’ll get a closer shave in fewer strokes. There are razors for women with up to 4 blades currently on the market, so look at the packaging and be sure to pick the right one!

Ditch disposable razors. Lower quality blades often mean more cuts and scrapes.

While you’re shaving, rinse your razor frequently in hot water to avoid cuts, and don’t forget to rinse it again when you’re finished.

Change the blade on your razor after 5 or 6 uses.

An Alternative to Shaving: Hair Removal Creams
Depilatory creams won’t keep your legs smooth for weeks like waxing, but the results still last longer than shaving. Depilatory creams contain alkaline active ingredients that disintegrate hair at the root. They can be applied on legs, underarms and are even safe to use on the bikini line. They also leave skin unbelievably soft and smooth. Oh, and they come at a pretty reasonable price, too, which definitely makes them worth a try!

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