The Hipster is Dead, Make Way for Yuccies –

The Hipster is Dead, Make Way for Yuccies


“Young Urban Creative”. This is the official definition of a “yuccie”, a term that appeared a few months ago on Mashable. But that’s not all. Yuccies are young adults somewhere between ages 20-30, who are betting on a promising entrepreneurial future that doesn’t require them to sacrifice their creative spirit. Although it’s been said they’re the successors to the hipster generation, it’s more like a mix between hipster values and 80s yuppies, who had a taste for success, and we’ll say it, for money.

What distinguishes yuccies from hipsters is that yuccies don’t hide their desire to make money. Yes, profit is important to them. They believe everyone should follow their dreams, especially if they will generate revenue. In contrast, succeeding without maintaining a creative aspect isn’t really considered success. For yuccies, creativity is just as important as success.


These are fairly common, widespread values for young adults right now. You probably know a few, or perhaps you’re one yourself! How do you recognize a yuccie? Here are some clues:

– They generally live in a metropolitan area, usually in a thriving neighborhood.

– They work in a field related to technology: they develop apps, they’re web designers, and they coordinate web campaigns, or work as social network consultants.

-They’re entrepreneurs – they opened a café where all the drinks are made from soy, a Vietnamese-Indian fusion restaurant, or a boutique where the clothes are made from bamboo.

– They have a post-secondary education, but chose to take their skills through a non-traditional route, far away from the 9-5 office life.

– They dress like hipsters, so they’re easily confused. They rock 90s trends, restyled and up to date. But it’s important to note that yuccies aren’t defined by their clothing style, but by their thought process and ambitions.


Obviously, not all yuccies are on a direct path to entrepreneurship, or are advocating these values in their young adult years. A lot of them have traditional jobs, working as accountants, financial advisers, or even lawyers before pursuing their dreams of starting a craft beer brewery, or even working as managers of e-commerce for an emerging company.

If you haven’t already noticed, you’ll definitely come across many yuccies soon enough. Do you identify as a yuccie?

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