The Hunt For Microbeads –

The Hunt For Microbeads



Saving the planet, one tube at a time.
Recently, McGill University published a study on the pollution and alarming amount plastic contamination that was recently discovered in the St. Lawrence River. Considering that over 90% of sediment in our oceans consist of microbeads, the tiny nightmares resist water-filtering treatment, the culprit for the river contamination is easily identifiable. These beads are the primary abrasive agent in the majority of exfoliants, soaps, toothpastes, and a variety of other products we use on a day-to-day basis. Because they’re so common, here’s a cohesive guide on how to avoid them.

How did we get here?
These beads have been used by industral giants for product manufacturing since the 70s, with content in some beauty products ranging high as 10%. The microbeads are typically smaller than 1mm in diameter, and are perfectly round and smooth –allowing them to pass through the wastewater treatment plants and end up in various natural locations (like rivers, for example). Once there, these beads become hazardous. They pose a threat to the environmental balance, and can potentially be ingested by marine life.

Due to the popularity of these plastic beads, it’s tricky to find products without them, but you can always turn to all-natural labels. The important thing is that this study has started a conversation about this environmental risk. Brands like President’s Choice have already promised to eliminate the beads found in their household goods, beauty products, and cosmetics – a promise that should be fulfilled before the end of 2018.


Our choice: Lotus Aroma Face & Hands Exfoliating Cream
This is another brand that privileges all-natural ingredients. The face and hand exfoliant contain purifying extracts of rosehip seeds and bamboo fiber (the latter of which also starred in an Lotus Aroma’s exfoliating body cream, alongside olive pits and pure lime.) This cream features a unique blend of ingredients: Shea butter, jojoba oil, blueberry floral water and other plant-based ingredients work together to eliminate toxins, stimulate microcirculation, and soothe the skin. That’s a perfect balance, for sure!

Lotus Aroma exfoliating cream, $24 at drugstores.

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