The New Man Signed Hugo Boss –

The New Man Signed Hugo Boss


The wonderful universe of fragrances deserves a little bit more attention. I recently met the creator of the newest fragrance The Scent, by Hugo Boss and was pulled into a world of sophistication, fineness and sense. Talking about the making of a perfume with Will Andrews, from the discovery of new ingredients to the refinement of a fragrance, is more than interesting. How to allow you to experience it as well?

A fragrance must first inspire us by emitting many signals. Is it happy or rough? Sexy or fresh? What colors or images do we think about when we smell this perfume?

“What attracts me to a woman now is really their sense of self and their personality. I know that sounds like a cheesy, non-thing to say – obviously I am a man so I am attracted to the physical attributes but on a deeper sense it is someone who kind of has found themselves in a way that they perceive themselves according to themselves, rather than having to be affected by other people’s opinion, especially in a time where we kind of live vicariously through the internet and through kind of pictures and postings.” Theo James, Brand Ambassador for The Scent.


The Scent is the reflection of a confident man who can seduce a woman with a few glances, all the while keeping a sensual charisma. Its leather, lavender and ginger accents are mixed with a newfound, exclusive ingredient, recently discovered by Will Andrews and his team at P&G Fragrances: the Maninka fruit. Found in South Africa, where there is a huge diversity of plants, the Maninka brings a fruity and profound scent to the fragrance. The result is soft and manly. We love it.

When I asked Andrews if this last creation was, in his opinion, the most luxurious one in all the Hugo Boss fragrances, he returned the question. The definition of luxury is different for everyone. Some might fall under the spell of The Scent, while others might prefer another Hugo Boss signature cologne. Tastes are found in nature, as we say.


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