The Right Bra for Each Outfit –

The Right Bra for Each Outfit

Wearing the right bra for your look
It’s not enough to have a wardrobe that’s overflowing in order to obtain an impeccable style. It’s important to master the art of matching your bra to your clothes, and to know which key pieces need to be in your bra drawer. Here are some secrets to having the perfect bra for any occasion.
What is the most common mistake when it comes to bras? Not wearing the right size is very frequent. 80% of women choose a bra that doesn’t fit them properly, and it often compromises the look of their entire silhouette. A bra is a bit like a pair of jeans: you have to try on many before finding one that fits just right.
What should one consider when looking for the perfect bra? The occasion and the clothes you’ll be wearing. You may want to go for a fancier lace bra if you’re wearing an evening gown, but something without seams without any print patterns may be preferable when wearing a plain t-shirt.
What to wear with…
A cotton V-neck
If you’re looking for a nice décolleté, opt or a seamless model with half-cups.

A white blouse
Regardless of which type of model you choose, go for a hue that is close to the natural colour of your skin. This way, the bra will be invisible under your blouse; any other bra colour will draw attention to it, even white (contrary to popular belief).

A gauzy top
Here, you have two options: a nude bra, or a colourful one. It all depends on your mood and the occasion. The former is ideal for a natural look, while the latter is more of a style choice, if you want your bra to be visible. Think Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City: a nude bra underneath a gauzy top can be very seductive.

A satin tank top
You don’t want any straps showing… unless they have embellishments—a very feminine touch. Lace isn’t recommended, since its texture might show through your clothes. A plain coloured cup is a must!


A tight dress
Once again, it’s important to avoid the bra showing through. Opt for a seamless model that is slightly padded in order to add a bit of curve and support. Removable straps are an interesting feature, since they adapt to the dress model, whether it has straps, a bustier, or is asymmetrical.


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