The Romper : A Must for the Summer!


Dress it down for the perfect #OOTD, or dress it up for a killer #OOTN, the romper is back in our summer wardrobes this year again. Girly, sexy and versatile, this one-piece is the perfect item if you like the simplicity of sundresses but want your outfit to be practical. Perfect for any occasion, how can you resist this little gem?

Being a huge fan of online shopping, it was during a closet cleaning that I came across about this cute little online boutique. Rosegal, have you heard of them? They carry so many different trendy and chic styles, as well as thousands of inexpensive cute accessories! The best part of Rosegal, however, is definitely their low-price international shipping. Perfect timing! Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Summer prints

Chic and comfortable

Boho beauty

So, would you like to get your hands on some of these beauties too? If so, we have a little something for you! If you use the code RG1700OFF, you get:

$3 off any purchase over $30,

$6 off any purchase over 50$ or

$12 off any purchase over $100, or simply when you buy a floral dress.

Not bad, right? Happy shopping!

*This content has been made possible thanks to Rosegal. All opinions are mine!


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