The Trendy Mom’s Diaper Bag


Ahh… the diaper bag! This essential companion follows us everywhere when we’re out with the baby. What qualities do moms look for to make sure they’re ready for anything? Here are some of our suggestions!

First of all, the bag itself has to be practical, durable, roomy, and easy to carry. If it’s matte and natural-looking, even better! Don’t forget – dad has to carry it too.


We love this simple, discreet model that accommodates the mom lifestyle: there are several pockets inside and out with zippers, a removable compartment, two pockets for bottles, a pocket for technology and a removable strap. In addition, it includes a charging pad with pockets and a carrying handle. Finally, the bottom is reinforced with metal supports to avoid getting it dirty.
Jolly Jumper diaper bag, $60 by Clément, in stores and online.

Now for the rest, basically everything a baby could possibly want and need when out of the house.2_BABY_INTERNAL


Here are some baby products that are a good place to start when filling your diaper bag. Obviously, wipes, diapers, zinc oxide cream and extra clothes (for both moms and babies, just in case there are any accidents) are absolutely essential!

1. We don’t want the baby to cry out all the tears in its body because of teething pains, so these teething mittens that include a pocket are perfect.
Munch Mitt teething mittens, $22 at Clément, in stores and online.

2. It always seems like we never have enough pacifiers to soothe the baby. These cute pacifiers have a refreshing look, perfect for making babies happy and calm.
ULUBULU silicone pacifiers, $10 at Clément, in stores and online.

3. It goes without saying that the baby will need to drink! This bottle is designed to fit into the baby’s mouth with an anti-colic vent system. Perfect!
Bottle Advanced Orthodontic, 10oz (2 pieces) at Bo Bébé, in stores and online.

4. If you’re breastfeeding, you will absolutely need compressors in order to avoid soiling your clothes when you’re outside. Soft and super-absorbent (to properly absorb breast milk), they have a design featuring ultra-thin contours to discreetly wear under clothes, in addition to adhesive tape to keep them in place.
Disposable nursing bra pads, $11 at Clément, in stores and online.

5. To stay organized, but also to add a stylish aspect to the baby’s ensemble, a tethered pacifier is vital. Designed by a mom, the BULLE brand designs suitable, safe jewelry for babies.
Tethered silicone star, BPA free, phthalates free, lead and cadmium free by BULLE Bijouterie Pour Mamans, $18.99 in stores and online

6. To keep your baby looking cute, and above all, clean, bibs are essential during meals. These reversible bibs with cute colors and patterns are made from 100% cotton and will do nicely!
Set of two bibs by SKIP HOP, $11 at Clément, in stores and online.

7. Because your baby will need a blanket to be comfortable (bonus, you can use it if you need to breastfeed in public), but also needs to a toy to play with that will keep him company (and calm!) why not get this 2 in 1?
Dog blanket by Bébé Star $15 at Clément, in stores and online.

8. This all-purpose thermometer will let you know if something’s wrong with your child. Fast and backlit, it’s convenient if you’re travelling, or just away from home.
Digital thermometer by Safety 1st, $15 at Clément, in stores and online.

9. This no-tears, hypoallergenic formula is colorful, perfect for kids to know when they’re supposed to wash their hands. Rest assured, the entire family will be cleaning their hands at all times with this soap that’s specially designed to teach children about hygiene.
Foaming hand soap by Kandoo, available at most pharmacies.

10. Because cloths can’t always do all the work, disposable wipes are a must have. These extra-resistant, biodegradable, and soaked in lotion pass the test!
Disposable wipes by Kandoo, available at most pharmacies.

11. Baby’s skin is fragile, especially in the sun. Be assured that your baby is just as protected as it should be with this sunscreen stick that’s super easy to apply. The hat is also always practical and easy to transport.
Sunscreen stick with SPF 50+ by Mustela, $15 at Clément, in stores and online.

12. To take care of the baby’s nose during a mild cold or just for comfort in general, these extra-soft wipes soaked in saline will keep his nose clean and soft.
Nose wipes by Boogie Wipes, available at most pharmacies

13. A cup with a handle is perfect for gradually making your toddler more independent. The handles are designed to make it easy to hold, and are removable so it can grow with the child. More importantly, they can be easily removed so it can go in the dishwasher!
Cup with a handle 70z by Aqua, $13 at Clément, in stores and online.

14. It can work as a toy to entertain the little ones, but it’s actually a teether! Cute as anything and created by a local brand, it can also go in the dishwasher!
Teether elephant, BPA free, phthalates free, lead and cadmium free by BULLE Bijouterie Pour Mamans, $10.99 in stores and online

Well, we hope that now you’ll find it easier to plan the contents of your diaper bag. You can finalize everything with waterproof zippered bags for soiled diapers and dirty bibs, wipes, pacifiers, or anything!

Have we forgotten any items? What are YOUR essentials?


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