These Wine and Food Pairings Will Restore Your Faith in True Love –

These Wine and Food Pairings Will Restore Your Faith in True Love


Although a glass of wine is good at any given time, every different kind of grape has its own preferred meal. Certain types are perfect for accompanying light starters, while others are more suited for carnivorous suppers. Here are some new releases to buy now, with the added bonus of suggested dishes to pair with for your tasting.



Ravenswood Vintners Blend Old Vine Zinfandel, $19 at the SAQ and online. / Photo Pinterest

It’s widely known that reds go well with red meat. In this case, the Ravenswood blends perfectly with spicy meats, or anything that’s been dressed with tasty ingredients like lime or mint.



House of Mandela Rosé Wine, $14.95 at the SAQ and online. / Photo Pinterest

Rosé wines are definitely the most complicated. It’s often drunk as an aperitif, but rarely while eating! There just isn’t as much variety with rosé as there is with reds and whites. But since tasting this rosé that pays homage to Nelson Mandela, we’ve changed our minds. Enjoy it with a seafood dish, or smoked salmon. It’s truly delightful!



The Dreaming Tree Crush Red Wine, $19 at the SAQ and online. / Photo Pinterest

Usually, we reach for a white wine at happy hour or in the early evening, but why not make a change with a red wine? All you have to do is find one that will go perfectly with your entrees. If you plan on having strong cheeses, duck, or beef bites, go with the Dreaming Tree Crush wine. It’s a match made in heaven!



Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc, $20.95 at the SAQ and online. / Photo Pinterest

The Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is definitely a classic. It’s the type of wine you should not hesitate to order if you spot it on the menu at a restaurant because you know you won’t be disappointed. White wine is usually paired with poultry or fish, but we highly recommend you try it for brunch. It’s the perfect pairing for savory crepes, omlettes, and smoked salmon bagels!




Barefoot Refresh Crisp White, $14.25 at the SAQ. / Photo Pinterest

The Refresh Crisp White by Barefoot is a novelty that’s only recently entered the shelves. A label we’re already so fond of is finally debuting its own line of wine coolers. Halfway between a wine and a cocktail, this drink is well suited for a barbecue with friends. Skewers and grill are the ultimate combination.



Two Oceans Shiraz, $11.95 at the SAQ and online. / Photo Pinterest

The Two Oceans Shiraz is the ideal companion for cool and rainy summer days. Either at the cottage or at home, whip up a classic family comfort food like cannelloni with tomato sauce or braised beef. Have this copious bottle accompany your meal and the rest of your evening will be a success, guaranteed!



Fleur Du Cap Chardonnay, $14.95 at the SAQ and online. / Photo Pinterest

This white wine from South Africa is definitely a must-try. Fleur du Cap offers a round, aromatic chardonnay which will certainly appeal to red wine lovers. Why not enjoy it with a good burger? Or chicken? Pork, turkey, and even salmon – your options are infinite!

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