Tips to Fight Stress at School or Work –

Tips to Fight Stress at School or Work


Stress in inevitable, and we have all been there. Whether you’re a student of a full-time worker, there are always times where things get a bit too overwhelming. Here’s a few tips we’ve learnt over the years to help you cope with the pressures of everyday life.

Colouring Books:

You may or may not have heard of this recent phenomenon, however colouring books aren’t just for kids anymore. “Adult” colouring books have become quite popular, as it has shown to be quite therapeutic. The beauty of a colouring book is that you don’t have to be an expert in drawing or art to be able to do it, and it’s very simple to accomplish. We suggest checking out Colors of Loss and Healing: An Adult Coloring Book for Getting Through Tough Times, created by grief counselor Deborah S. Derman.

Planning Ahead:

Knowing what events are coming up or what assignments or exams are imminent, write it down. Whether it’s in an agenda or your calendar on your computer. If you know it’s coming, you will have enough time to prepare for it. If you have an exam two weeks from now, write down how many days you’ll have to study and for how long. If you have a deadline at work, figure how long it will take you to complete it without leaving it for the last minute and dealing with unnecessary stress. Rushing your brain to complete tasks without proper warning is the worst way to welcome stress.


We know, you have heard it all before. But sleeping eight or more hours a day will decrease your stress levels and make it easier to think throughout the day. The less you sleep, the more you will become agitated and not likely to function as properly. No matter how many coffees you drink, it will not result in a better work day.


It doesn’t matter how long or how intense – it could be getting off the bus two stops earlier and walking a bit more. Exercise is a key stress reliever. When you work out, your body releases endorphins, which is called the “happy hormone”. Your mood will improve and the tension in your body will quickly fade. We suggest a light jog, some form cardio such as kick boxing or Zumba, and especially Yoga.

Talk to Someone:

Sometimes we get too stress because we have no one to talk to about our feelings, thoughts, and emotions. If you’re at school, talk to a classmate or a professor… even the guidance counselor. It is their job to listen and to help you with anything that may be bothering you. If your school has a psychologist, take advantage. If you are at work, let your co-workers or your boss know how you are feeling. Sometimes taking a sick day just for yourself if the best way to cope and rejuvenate, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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