Top 10 statement earrings you must have!


Everything is in the details. An outfit can go from ordinary to fantastic in an instant with the proper choice of accessories. Outstanding earrings are the perfect examples. A pair of coloured, shiny, textured or all at once earrings will give a second life to your look. Here are the choices we propose today for this look of fantasy:

Rose Gold

Large earrings, H&M, 14,99$

Earrings with tassels, H&M, 14,99$


Celestial Drops, Baublebar, 36,00$

18k Gold-Plated Geometric Hoop Earring, Urban Outfitters, 24,00$


Pineapple Pop Large Stone Stud Earrings, Baublebar available at Nordstrom, 47,01$

Cockatoo drop earrings, Baublebar, 48,00$


Blush and yellow 3-tier ball earrings, American Eagle Outfitters, 16,00$

Long earrings, H&M, 14,99$


Dwadonna earrings, Aldo, 30,00$

Etelissi earrings, Aldo, 14,00$


Red bow hoop earrings, American Eagle Outfitters, 16,00$

Tortoise Statement Hoop Earring, Urban Outfitters, 22,00$


Earrings New Future, Caroline Néron, 115,00$

Legelisien earrings, Aldo, 7,50$


Tasseled earrings, H&M, 17,99$

Baerien earrings, Aldo, 9,99$


Two in one

Eternal Circle Statement Earring, Urban Outfitters, 22,00$

Hoop with Chain & Spear Drop Earrings,  Cara available at Nordstrom, 31,34$


Earrings Sphérique, Caroline Néron, 115,00$

Double hoop earring, Ettika available at Nordstrom, 52,23$




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