Top 7 Netflix series of the year that you shouldn’t miss –

Top 7 Netflix series of the year that you shouldn’t miss


Winter can sometimes seem long and boring for those who do not like outdoor activities. Lucky for you, you can spend the day indoors with hot chocolate, wrapped in blankets in front of a good series: what’s better? That’s why we’re offering you this Netflix series list of shows that you shouldn’t miss — our gift to you!

Black Mirror (4 seasons)

The series takes place in a future universe that looks a lot like the one we live in right now. The black mirror is symbol for the presence of screens in our life. From a satirical and sometimes darker angle, the series considers the consequences that new technologies could have on our society and human nature. Each season and episode has a different theme and do not necessarily follow each other, but we advise you to start at the beginning. After watching this series, you may not see the world the same way.

The Crown ( 2 seasons)

For those who love everything royalty, here is a series that should please you. The series follows the life of the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, and her entourage, with each season covering an important decade of her reign. It is rumored that there will be 6 seasons in total. The first season presents the marriage of Elizabeth and Philip, her accession to the throne, her first years of ruling and her relations with the political world and royal protocols. The second season is about the couple’s relationship, Philip’s difficult past, and Prince Charles’s education. Season 2 also addresses the escapades of Elizabeth’s sister Margaret and her wedding with a photographer named Antony Armstrong-Jones. The series has recently been nominated for two Golden Globes, one for Best Actress and one for Best Drama Series Series.

Mindhunter (1 season)

For those who love series mixing psychology and murder, this series is perfect for you. The series is inspired by the book Mindhunter: In the Head of a Profiler. We are transported in 1977, when profiling and criminal psychology were not yet fully developed within the FBI. This story follows agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench, who talk to several serial killers and with the help of psychologist Wendy Carr, as they try to identify the personality of several murderers. The series was already renewed for a second season before the first even aired.

Master of None ( 2 seasons)

The series focuses on Dev’s life, played by Aziz Ansari, who is a thirty-something advertising actor living in New York. The title of the series is based on the English phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none,” referring to a person with multiple skills, but no specific talent for any. The series is full of charm and humor, and it is very entertaining to see everything that happens in the rather ordinary life at first glance of Dev. The first season has been in several top 10 series and won prizes for both Aziz Ansari’s acting talents and the production of the series itself. Season two follows this momentum with 1 prize won at the Goldens Globes for Best Actor in the comedy category, and a nomination for Best comedy series .

Godless (1 season)

For those who love westerns, this series is for you. Godless is the story of an outlaw who terrorized western America in 1880 named Frank Griffin. He is looking for his protégé Roy Goode who betrayed him. Goode is hiding in a city called La Belle, New Mexico, a city that, for some mysterious reason, is populated by women; they are the ones making the laws. The population of La Belle will do everything to protect themselves from Griffin. The season only has 7 episodes at the moment, but we can expect a sequel since this series was very well received by the public since it’s arrival on Netflix.

Stranger Things ( 2 seasons)

If you’re a fan of 1980s fantasy or science-fiction movies like Steven Spielberg’s or Stephen King, you’ll be served! It all begins one evening in November 1983 in the city of Hawkins, Indiana. A twelve-year-old boy named Will Byers disappears without a trace, leaving behind only his bike. Several people decide to search for him, including his mother, the chief of police, and his friends who are guided by Eleven, a young girl with psychic powers. During this time the city is under the influence of a supernatural phenomenon caused by the CIA and the Department of Energy with the MKULTRA project, which could be responsible for the disappearance of Will Byers. Season 2 is the result of this supernatural phenomenon — and even more adventures awaiting you. The series has been nominated for two Golden Globes this year (Best drama series and best supporting role).

The end of the f***ing world ( 1 season)

This series follows James, a 17-year-old who considers himself a psychopath, because in his free time he likes to kill animals. He meets Alyssa, a classmate who is a little bit rebellious and dreamy. Both decide to run away from their homes to go on a road trip together. James intends to kill Alyssa, as a way to kill something other than the small animals that he usually kills. Everything changes when he begins to have feelings for her. This series is both tragic and comical. No road trip is more awkward and hilarious at the same time than this one. There are only 8 episodes available on Netflix at the moment.


La Casa de Papel or Paper House (1 season)

This Spanish miniseries is a gem; you will devour it in record time. The series is composed of 13 episodes. A mysterious man named El Professor (the teacher) plans the best robbery ever organized. He decides to recruit the best criminals in the country who have nothing to lose. They will infiltrate the Real Casa de la Moneda, which is the Royal Mint of Spain, and print 2.4 billion euros there in less than eleven days and without blood spilled … As a security measure, the criminals decide to take hostage 67 people including Alison Parker, the daughter of the British ambassador. The attention to detail of the plan is breathtaking to see.

Hope you enjoy !

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