Travel-Friendly Beauty Essentials


Our top items for travelling light and mess-free

Each time we plan a trip, we start off hoping that this time, we might be able to actually pull off the difficult but admirable goal of travelling light. At least, on the beauty front, we’ve mastered the art of minimizing the number of items that make the final cut into our bag. Here, our strategic combo of beauty picks when trying to free up some luggage space and optimize efficiency. Happy packing!

Basic beauty bag packing tips
– Favour tubes and plastic bottles over glass jars: they are less likely to break, less dangerous if they do, and they’re lighter, too;
– Don’t bring full-sized bottles unless you absolutely have to (for example, don’t skimp on the sunscreen if you’re headed to a sunny destination);
– Choose products that are space-efficient and serve a combination of purposes;
– Use your travel essentials only when you travel, leaving them in their pouch, ready to go next time you need them. It’ll save you valuable packing time!

1. Makeup remover wipes
Rather than packing your bottle of makeup remover (alert: high leakage potential!) and a bunch of cotton pads, throw a pack of makeup remover wipes in your bag. They’re easy to pack, easy to use, and you can throw them out when you’re done, too. Only going away for a night or two? Slip the appropriate number of wipes into a plastic zipper bag to save on space.


2. Multi-tasking moisturizer
Day cream, night cream, eye cream, serum—a three or four-step skincare routine is fine when you’re home, but far from ideal when travelling. Instead, pack a moisturizer to be used in the morning and at night: bonus points for one that can be used on the under eye area, too!

3. Perfect eyeshadow palette
By “perfect”, we actually mean “well-balanced”. Minimize bulk by choosing just one eyeshadow palette that has at least one neutral colour you’re likely to use every day, and one darker one so you can switch things up if you’re going out at night. Keep in mind the outfits you’ve packed and make sure the eyeshadow hues your palette contains are compatible.

Bonus tip: When flying, we suggest packing your eyeshadow palette in your carry-on baggage (or purse) rather than in your checked luggage. It’s not liquid so there are no restrictions on it, and you’ll avoid it cracking if your luggage is not handled with care.

4. Razor with built-in shave gel bars
Even if you usually prefer to use a regular razor at home, we highly suggest packing one that has shave gel bars around the blade when travelling to eliminate the need to lug around the bottle of shave gel. Less bulky, less messy, less heavy.

5. Hair and body oil
Dry oils are amazing to moisturize your skin, and can often be used on your hair, too, making them a great choice when travelling. Choose one with a plastic bottle (rather than a glass one) and use it as a body moisturizer and finishing product for your dry strands. It serves more than one purpose, and it’s not as bulky as that tub of body butter or huge bottle of lotion.

6. As many travel size bottles as possible
Remember that sample of your favourite hair product you received? Save it for the next time you head out of town. Build on your collection of travel size products whenever you can, and visit the miniatures section of your pharmacy to complete it before you start packing. Alternatively, buy some empty travel bottles and fill them with your favourites.

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