Treat your white tee with kindness with Downy –

Treat your white tee with kindness with Downy


The white tee has remained a pillar of our wardrobe; as the tried and true classic can be easily paired with anything. Once you find the perfect-fitting white tee, you want to make sure it sticks around for years. While it can be worn all throughout the year, it tends to be on heaviest rotation in the summer. However, to maintain its softness, it needs to be washed every one to two wears.

We all know the laundry process can be tough on your clothes – relentless agitation, high-speed spinning and intense dryer heat can damage clothes at the fibre level. This is where Downy Fabric Conditioner comes in. By adding on a conditioner, it’ll help maintain their original shape, will and keep your clothing looking their best. Although I don’t always use a conditioner, it surprised me by how Downy’s Fabric Conditioner maintained my white tee’s softness and elasticity throughout the washes. Just like after you would use your conditioner on your hair, it’ll make your fabrics easier to stretch. Personally, I haven’t noticed any fading or fuzzing in my tee’s. Plus having a lovely floral scent in your clothes? Can’t beat it! I’m a new customer to fabric conditioner, however I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how “new” my tee’s feel compared to when I first purchased them.

The white tee is obviously a very versatile piece. You can wear it to the office, out to dinner, or for a run in the park. To show the many different looks you can create with a white tee, here are three different ways you can wear it for any occasion!

“Athleisure” style: My favourite way to wear this is on a casual day out, along with basic black leggings and a track jacket. It doesn’t take that much effort, and a great way you can leave the house if you have nothing else to wear.

The everyday ensemble: Change it up with a pair of your favourite jeans, and I especially love my boyfriend jeans with a classic belt, and a pair of nicer shoes, such as heels or a fancier pair of flats. If you’re headed to the office, add on a blazer to look more professional!

Spicing it up: Going out for a night on the town? That’s where accessories come in. I love wearing a statement necklace when I feel like the look feels a bit boring, and it gives your outfit a pop of colour. Finish off your ensemble with a long skirt or flowy pants.

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