Tried, Tested and Approved: Coolsculpting –

Tried, Tested and Approved: Coolsculpting


As you may know by now, I’m always curious about testing new beauty treatments, whether it is skin care, an anti-cellulite treatment or anything that just sounds interesting! It is a real privilege have the opportunity to be able to test these treatments and give you my impressions of them. The last one that I did was very interesting , because there have been many questions surrounding it since it was launched –  CoolSculpting.

What is it?

It is a fat eliminating method that uses cold, also called cryolipolysis.  CoolSculpting is a fairly expensive treatment, but its results are supposed to be excellent. In addition, fat is eliminated for life quickly and without a scalpel. Sounds great, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what I was thinking.

I had the chance to test this treatment at Peau, located in downtown Montreal.  It is a great place to go for this service because they also combine the treatment with ZWave which maximizes its effectiveness.  I will come back to this later in the article. Peau is also known for their range of services specific to skin care issues.  It is a very professional place that I highly recommend.

The treatment

So how did my experience go? I first met with Dr. Khanna, owner of the clinic, to assess the areas that I wanted to treat. CoolSculpting can be targeted to specific areas of your body.  You really have to decide what your problem spots are. For me, it was my belly and lower back. These are areas that I have to constantly train and work at to keep firm. I find that despite that fact that I have a defined waist, it is the first area where I gain weight. We agreed to treat three areas (belly, lower right back, lower left back) over two appointments spaced one month apart. I was ready and excited to see the results!

When I arrived for the first treatment, I was surrounded with pillows to avoid moving. CoolSculpting works with an applicator that suctions onto the skin before freezing. If the applicator moves during the treatment,  the treatment has to start over. We started on the first area to be treated.  The area was immobilized, then they turned the machine on, and my skin started to be cooled. I must confess, the first time an area was treated, I did not like the sensation. I had to ask the technician to stay and talk to me so that I did not change my mind.  It is hard not to think about pain when you are gazing at a wall and you can’t move! After a few minutes, my skin became numb and I was able to focus on my emails for the rest of the treatment.

About 30 minutes later, the device stopped and the applicator was removed, leaving the area completely frozen and still numb. The technician who took care of me, and who followed me for every treatment, massaged the skin to help break the fat cells. Then, she used the ZWave applicator in small strokes which felt like small shocks to the skin, to help speed up the process of eliminating fat. This is the reason why I wanted to do my treatment at Peau – they are the only centre in Montreal to offer this complementary treatment.

Let’s be honest…

Now, I have to admit that I found the thawing period extremely difficult. I experienced very intense moments each time the applicator was removed and my skin returned to a more normal temperature. I am very sensitive to pain; Some people do not find the treatment is painful, while others, like me, seem to find it a little more difficult. The pain lasts no more than five minutes, but be prepared mentally for a feeling of discomfort. My advice: Make sure your technician is caring and understanding, it’s important! CoolSculpting might not be surgery, but it is still a fairly advanced treatment, so you have to choose the place where you will get the treatment wisely.

After treatment, the skin can be swollen, reddened and there may even be some bruising.  I felt like I looked like I gained 5 pounds after every treatment, because my skin was very swollen. However, this will go back to normal in a matter of days or a few weeks, and the final results should appear about three months after the end of the treatment.


I have just finished the last treatment, and I am happy to tell you that I already see a big difference. I have tested a lot of slimming treatments in recent years out of curiosity, but I am amazed by the results with CoolSculpting. Even my fiancé noticed a change in my shape, and this, only after a few weeks. If you are tempted, I would encourage you to try it.

Stay tuned, because I intend to update you on the final results when the three months period is up! Have you ever tried the CoolSculpting?

What: Coolsculpting, a fat-freezing treatment
Where: In several specialized clinics and spas in Canada;
Our recommendation: Peau in Montreal
Price: One treatment for a single zone is around $750

For more information:
It has now been more than three months and I can finally show you the results of the treatment! Please note that everyone reacts differently to the Coolsculpting treatment, but we will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our experience at Peau Montreal!

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