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Have you heard of the airline that offers inexpensive flights from Canada to Europe, while stopping by Iceland? The dream, right! Travelling to Europe at a low cost, while exploring another country, what do you think? I recently tested it all, and here’s what I think!

Credit: Travel Week

I recently travelled with WOW Air on my trip to France, and I absolutely had to stay in Iceland for a few days. We started our adventure at night, leaving from Montreal to Reykjavik, in order to have a full day to spend there before leaving for France. The night flight arrived at 5am, Iceland time – which is 2am in Montreal. I have to admit, that was not the most relaxing flight. WOW Air planes are comfortable, but small nonetheless. Nothing is offered on the plane, not even water, so you need to plan ahead. I did not sleep at all, and we arrived in Iceland jet lagged and hungry.

Credit: CN Traveler

Ah, the perks of travelling! Of course night flights are never easy, I know. But it’s better when you’re warned before takeoff. Our short stay in Iceland was fantastic – watch the vlog here! – and the flight to Paris the next day went great too. On our way back, two weeks later, our layover was 3 hours long, but because I had work to do, I took advantage of this break to read, write, and go through my photos. All in all, I would definitely recommend the package, but I do suggest booking a day flight when going, so you do not end up as tired as I was!


WOW Air is a great option if you want to discover Iceland. It’s super affordable, which helps you save money in the long-run during the trip, because Iceland is rather expensive. If, however, your goal is to visit a specific area in Europe, I do recommend comparing prices with other airlines, and see the pros and cons for either in terms of pricing and comfort. Are you thinking of backpacking on a small budget? WOW Air is perfect for you.


Pros :

  • Low cost, ideal for teens who want to experience backpacking
  • Layover in Iceland, a once in a lifetime experience
  • A variety of destinations to choose from


Cons :

  • Basic comfort needs, be sure to prepare ahead!
  • No meals or water on board – although it seems like many airlines do not provide food on board anymore!


Did you ever fly with WOW Air? Did you like it?


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