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UNCLE BEN’S Rice & Grains: 3 Recipes to Try


On a beautiful sunny day at the end of May, I went to check out the UNCLE BEN’S Food Truck Challenge in downtown Montreal. On the menu: three recipes created by local food trucks Pas d’cochon dans mon salon, Landry & filles and Le Tuktuk.

challengeThe goal was to try all three and vote for your favourite (and I did!), but it was a really hard decision, as they were all delicious in different ways. All three recipes were created with UNCLE BEN’S Rice & Grains, which combine different kinds of rice with grains like quinoa and various flavours.

cupsI started off by tasting the chili made by Pas d’cochon dans mon salon. So yummy, with its pulled pork on top! (This way for the recipe.)

Then, I moved on to Le Tuktuk’s green curry with chicken. I have to say this dish was hard to beat. Just spicy enough with a distinctive curry taste, with some veggies thrown in for good measure. (Try making it at home.)

Last but not least, I sampled the recipe created by Landry & filles: rice with milk and berries. Kind of like a rice pudding, but less consistent, with sweet, colourful berries on top. What’s not to love? (Recipe right here.)

If the recipes created for the Food Truck Challenge in Toronto and Vancouver are half as good as the ones we got a chance to taste in Montreal, the competition will be a fierce one. Can’t wait to see which recipe will be distributed by the UNCLE BEN’S truck this summer!


*This content was made possible by UNCLE BEN’S.

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