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Warm Weather Makeup Essentials


-We do our best to look fabulous all year long, but the hot summer weather can make it hard to keep looking fresh throughout the day. We’re sharing our top five items to keep in your makeup bag to make sure you’re at your best when it’s hot outside.

1. Blotting papers

Blotting papers are a must-have for the summer. Even girls that don’t usually have oily skin can experience a shiny forehead on especially hot days. Don’t be caught without them!

We like: Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers by Tatcha, $15 at Sephora.

2. Cotton swabs

And no, we don’t mean for those emergency ear cleanings. Keep a few in your purse in a plastic bag (to keep the cotton from coming off the stick) in case your mascara smudges because of the heat. You’ll be thankful you slipped them in your bag when spending a day at the beach or pool, since even waterproof formulas tend to come off ever-so-slightly after having gone in for a dip.


3. Water mist
Having a small-sized facial mist in your purse will help keep your face adequately moisturized throughout the day—and what could be more refreshing than spraying a nice mist on your skin in the scorching heat?

We likeThermal Spring Water Spray (50 ml) by Avène, $8.99 in pharmacies.

4. Lip paint

A lip paint is a definite must-have for your makeup bag in summer. Not only will the gloss reflect the sunlight on your lips, making your pout look fuller, but it won’t dry out your lips like as a liquid lipstick would.

We like: Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint by Maybelline, $9.99 in pharmacies.

5. Scented body spray

Slip a lightly-scented body spray or mist inside your purse so you can reapply throughout the day and make sure you always smell your best.

We like: Pink Grapefruit Body Mist by The Body Shop, $14 in stores and online.

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