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We ♥: Lavender-Based Products

The plentiful, beneficial plant
Busy schedule at work? The winter temperature affecting your stress levels? Yep, we totally understand. You may already know this, but lavender is excellent at soothing your soul, reducing tension and, by extension, stress. In the shower, while taking a bath or even doing your laundry, there is a lavender-based product you can use that will help you relax.
Aveeno Stress Relief Foaming Bath, $12.99 in pharmacies.
Lush Lullaby Shampoo Bar, $10.95 in stores and online.
Aveda Stress-Fix Body Lotion, $31 online.
Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt, $5.99 at Walmart.
La Maison Lavande Laundry Detergent, $19.95 in stores and online.
Éco & Éco Labrador Tea & Lavender Shower Gel, $29 at select retailers, and online.

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