We Tested: Eyebrow Extensions


It’s been a while since I’ve been trying to find a place in Montreal that offers this service. Last week, the Beauty House offered me to try it out – while I was in Toronto for Fashion Week. Of course I agreed, trying out eyebrow extensions? Yes!

I have to say that my eyebrows are the biggest beauty issues that have been haunting me for ages. I’ve never been under electrolyse, and I’ve never been a tweezers maniac, but my eyebrows’ shape has been a puzzle for every makeup artist I’ve met. I tried everything to make them grow – hello Cara Delevingne inspiration – nothing worked. Castor oil, hydrating cream, products especially focusing on eyebrow hair growth. No result! I have to draw in my eyebrows every morning now, and I’m wondering if I’ll ever have to undergo eyebrow tattoo! I have long lashes, but very basic eyebrows. Guess we can’t have everything.

I was pretty excited to test these extensions out. The Beauty House is located close to the Thompson Hotel in Toronto. The place was perfect: the girls who apply the extensions work in a magnificent, illuminated room. When I got there, I was asked what shape I wanted to have. I replied that I wanted a very natural look, and that I wanted an arc (an aaarc!). No problem, they started right away.


It took a little less than 15 minutes. They showed me the result on one eyebrow first, so that I could see the difference, and also for me to approve. It was nice, very subtle and very natural. Then, they finished doing the other eyebrow. The technician used semi-permanent extensions, which is very similar to the eyelash extension process that we know so well. They are synthetic hairs that are stuck to eyebrows or to skin using an adhesive conceived especially for this. The technique is generally the same.

Final thoughts: I loved the final look. I was so happy, because good eyebrows help frame the face. I had been told to keep my eyebrows dry for the first 24 hours, and to simply dab on that area to avoid ripping the hairs out. I must have been clumsy, because my perfect eyebrows were gone in a few days only. I find that keeping eyebrow extensions is harder than keeping eyelash extensions, but the results are worth it, especially for a special occasion. The Beauty House offers the service for $120. So, will you try it?

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