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We Tried It: The Fullips Lip Enhancement Tool

A product having attracted more than one beauty junkie, we’ve seen this across our social networks: a YouTube video here, an Instagram photo there… But just what is this strange little red doodad that has managed to pique our curiosity?

What is fullips, exactly?

It is a self-suction lip volumizer offering a full, sexy pout. (Only temporary, however: the effect lasts but a few hours.) To accommodate mouths of all sizes and to achieve varied results, three sizes/shapes are suggested:

1. Small Oval: for finer lips, or if you want to target a specific lip area you want to improve.

2. Medium Oval: this is best suited for smaller mouths. You can use it both vertically and horizontally, and it can increase the volume of both lips at the same time.

3. Large Round: ideal for those who already have full lips, but still seek some added oomph! For use on a full mouth.

How does it work?
Step 1: clean the tip with mild soap and water before each use.

Step 2: lightly exfoliate and moisturize the area around your mouth. This allows for better adherence

Step 3: place the fullips on your lips and lightly suck the air inside until it adheres firmly to the skin. Hold in place for about thirty seconds.

Step 4: apply your favourite gloss or lipstick as usual. For a more-defined pout, use a lip liner.

Well, we must admit to having had a good laugh with this experience! Still, the result was quite striking!

A handy little tool to lug around in your purse for an on-the-go pout in less than two minutes. Would you try it?

fullips lip enhancement tool, $19.99 each (or the trio for $49.99), available online.

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