We Went Shopping at a Thrift Store: See Our Verdict

For many of us, September calls for a new wardrobe. Put it this way; with fresh fashion trends appearing, it just creates needs! Now, how do you make the most out of fashion on a tight budget? How about we explore what second-hand stores have to offer?
Value Village challenged me to do a little fall shopping and with a budget as little as $100, I‘ve found several great items. Because you don’t have to break the bank to keep up with the latest trends. Curious to see the looks I’ve created? Check out the gallery below!

Verdict: I used to visit Value Village a lot (I found a beautiful Marc Jacobs handbag once. True story), although I hardly take time to go anymore. After this quick – and very successful – shopping spree, the store will sure be added on my list again. You should go and see for yourself!

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