Wellness Tips for Your Beau


Advice for him courtesy of professional athlete François-Louis Tremblay

We recently had the chance to meet one of the most decorated Canadian winter Olympic athletes, speed skater François-Louis Tremblay. The latter, the new spokesperson for BIC Flex4 razors, had a few health and wellness tips for us to share with our men. And we took note!

Tremblay exudes confidence and is full of energy. These days, athletes have become role models and, in some ways, incite people both young and old to reach their goals. So what encouraged the professional athlete to collaborate with the above-mentioned brand and represent its series of shaving products? A top quality product at an affordable price, as well as BIC’s community involvement, and how it takes sustainable development to heart.
And now, here are Tremblay’s recommendations for men to remain in tip-top shape.

Fitness… and fun!
We can’t stress it enough: fitness and exercise are essential to a healthy lifestyle. But instead of paying for a membership to a gym, the speed skater suggests men find an activity that they’ll enjoy.  Is your beau a fan of softball? Would he like to try road cycling?  It is paramount that he enjoys the sport or physical activity he takes up in order to better integrate it into his routine.  Passion and pleasure are the order of the day!

A balanced diet

Naturally, athletes normally watch what they eat a little more than the rest of us. However, Tremblay has banned extreme diets or the use of dietary supplements meant to drastically increase one’s muscle mass from his regimen. “I avoid junk food as much as possible, and I simply don’t buy chips or soft drinks. These foods are less tempting when there aren’t any in the house.” Suffice to make smart and logical choices: “yes” to beer while watching the hockey game, but accompanied by a balanced meal… not a bucket of chicken wings!


Brain muscle
Eating healthy and working out is all very well, but there’s more to it than that. “You have to set goals for yourself every day that will help you reach your ultimate goal in life. Each step we make is a small step towards a great accomplishment.  It’s a matter of being aware.” While Tremblay is lucky to be living out his dream, that doesn’t mean that, if it isn’t the case for us, we should give up on ours. Men need to feel a sense of belonging or feel as though they have a hobby, or better yet, a passion. What makes your sweetie happy? What are his dreams or aspirations?
In sum, Tremblay seems to be a strong, but also balanced and healthy-minded, athlete. Decidedly, the key to masculine beauty is simpler than we think.


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