We’ve Tested: Maternity Creams and Oils


Because there aren’t many skincare products aimed towards pregnant women, we often turn to regular products for our pregnancy problems. Lack of skin elasticity, stretch marks prevention, but are products especially made for the tummies of moms-to-be really better than the regular products sold in drugstores? Having been pregnant for over 36 weeks now, I present to you the ones I have tried on my growing stomach. Oils, creams and specialized products, here are my thoughts on each of these products that will hopefully be helpful for you as you choose one that suits your needs.



I have mentioned these products here already, but the new skincare products collection by Thyme Maternité in collaboration with Marcelle is really great. It was certified healthy for the skin by the Canadian Dermatology Association, so you know the ingredients used for the products are harmless. After using this oil a few times, I can definitely say that it is the best one I have tried. It makes my skin soft, dries quickly and really hydrates my epidermis. That only thing I would change about it is its odor. It’s not that it smells bad, but it doesn’t smell like anything! Some women would prefer an odorless product, but I would’ve liked a subtle fragrance on my body. My solution? Adding a few drops of lavender essential oil in the flask!

Thyme Maternité x Marcelle hydrating body oil, $20 in stores and online. 


Once again, here is another oil that targets pregnant women. This one is aimed towards helping with skin elasticity to prevent stretch marks, but also to reduce them. What I like about this oil is that it’s safe for the mother and the baby. How? First of all, it is hypoallergenic, and doesn’t contain parabens, phthalates, caffeine nor alcohol. Little disclaimer: it is rather thick. The first time, I had applied too much of this oil on my stomach because I found that it didn’t spread enough, but I had put so much on that it never fully dried, leaving me with a greasy stomach the whole night! The next time, I applied a bit less and it was fine. The odor is light and pleasant, but what I like the most is its pump, which prevents the product from dripping or leaking.

Mustela stretch marks oil, $35 in drugstores and in certain retailers. 


This oil is a body, hair and facial oil. It means that this product wasn’t made especially for pregnant women, but you can however use it anywhere on your body. What’s very important about this oil is that it is absorbed very fast, leaving you with a non-greasy skin for hours. What’s even better about this oil, other than it’s versatility, is its divine scent. The name says it all: sensory oil with 3 white flowers. The fragrance is as poetic as its name! Some women have a very sharp sense of smell during their pregnancy and might not like this product, but I’m the complete opposite!

Lierac sensory oil with 3 white flowers, $44 in drugstores.



Now, for creams. A brand that I have been loving is Mary Kay, and although you can only purchase their products from a beauty consultant, they are easy to get! The Timewise Body cream wasn’t made especially for pregnant women, but does a great job nevertheless. It helps with skin elasticity, firmness and prevents signs of aging that could appear. You can even keep using it after your baby is born! The only thing that I would change is its odor. I love scented products, but the scent of this one is definitely not my favorite.

Mary Kay Timewise Body cream, $38.


I’ve shared with you my thoughts on the oils by the brand Mustela, but I have to talk about the creams as well. Not only are they safe for mommy and baby, the texture is absolutely perfect. Because I like when products penetrate in the skin quickly, and I don’t like when the product is sticky or greasy, this product was perfect for me. The only word I have to describe it is… Perfect! It is definitely a favourite of mine. Its packaging is small enough to bring with me everywhere in my purse, and the cap prevents it from leaking. And I haven’t talked about its odor yet! It is delicate and very, very pleasant. I thought I preferred oils before trying out this product, but now I can say that creams take the lead. I just have to wait to see if its results are efficient. That will follow!

Mustela strech marks prevention cream, $45 in drugstores and certain retailers.


Last but not least, the Caudalie Vine Body Butter. A colleague recommended that I try this product out on my stomach, because according to Régine Berthelot, health expert at Caudalie, this body butter is perfect to help the skin regain elasticity, by hydrating it and also by softening the tightness that dry skin brings. Ladies who have been pregnant know exactly what I’m talking about! Because everyone in our office loves Caudalie products, I decided to try it out. Although I disliked the body butter aspect of it, because it takes more time to penetrate into the skin, I have to say that it does its work efficiently and holds its promises. Good bye itchy skin! Final thoughts? I recommend using this product after a bath at night, in your bath robe before changing into pajamas. This product is definitly worth a try!

Caudalie Vine Body Butter, $34 in stores and online. 



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