What‘s New for Spring-Summer at Marshalls


A trend expert tells all

We recently checked out what’s new for the warm season at Marshalls, and while we were there, we met Carly Stojsic. On top of having great personal style (and owning it), this fashion player is also a freelance trend specialist; more specifically, she forecasts and analyzes fashion trends. Her views on how culture influences what we wear are so fascinating that we thought we’d give you the lowdown on this season’s trends. Below, what’s in for spring according to Carly!

Sporty and elegant


Bomber Jacket, $34.99. Leather Designer Cross-Body Bag, $69.99. Aviator Shades, $29.99.

Designers from the most famous couture houses used technical fabrics and drew inspiration from other sportswear influences. The result: a sporty but minimalist urban look, with a ‘90s feel to it.

Kristen Stewart.

According to Carly:
“In many ways, having an active/performance look bent to our everyday lives infuses both a sense of comfort and well-being. Our busy lives require us to be transformable and mobile. Sports influences range in everything from stretch and perforated fabrics to vibrant pop and neon colours; these are elements that transcend looks and provide new excitement into womenswear.”

Crochet Top, $49.99. Woven Skirt, $12.99. Textured Leather Tote, $79.99.

Think bohemian, with a strong social conscience. A casual look with folk accents, embellished with sustainable fabrics and locally produced pieces, for example. This would pretty much include anything handmade.

Nicole Richie.

According to Carly:
“Artisamode is definitely a trend immersed in music festivals, Hollywood-boho styling, and it has a real sense of a homegrown community. Trends are aesthetic representations and interpretations of the world around us. They represent the underlying forces behind basic human needs and behaviours.”

Pretty rebel

Striped Pants, $29.99. Designer Leather Jacket, $249.99. Two-Tone Brogues, $149.99.

A trend greatly influenced by the innovative and rebellious music scene. A revival of the punk look, with just enough of a retro feel, adorned with quintessentially feminine details. This results in a unique style that knows no bounds.


According to Carly:
“It’s interesting how audible sound can be translated into a look/style, and how we relate certain artists/bands with a specific look. Or even an item of clothing in some cases (examples: Miley Cyrus would reside in the Pretty rebel category, and Madonna could be directly correlated with a clothing item such as ‘the corset’.)”
And lastly, we took this opportunity with the ever-inspiring Carly Stojsic to ask her what she likes most about this season’s trends: “I love the simple fact that we are seeing gallery and graffiti artists come to the forefront and get a lot of societal (and even corporate in some cases) attention. This generation now has a new lot of talent (Banksy, Damien Hirst, etc.) that are some of our most exciting cultural rock stars. In such a multi-contextual age, it’s wonderful to see every facet of life inspiring us!”

Spring promises to be inspiring and creative!

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