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The latest in skincare
Whether you have combination skin, are struggling with age spots, or fighting fine lines or deeper wrinkles, know that there is probably an ideal cream for you on the market. Because the imminent change of season always entices us to switch up our beauty routine, we decided to present you with a few selections that really stood out from the latest crop of products. Here’s what’s new in skincare this season!

The natural anti-aging cream: Frequence by Gigi
Ladies who like to use creams with essential oil bases will be delighted to discover this anti-aging elixir that revitalizes and regenerates the skin. The concept hails from Morocco, and comes in the form of just one cream, which can be applied to the face, eye area, and neck, morning and night. Its formula includes rose flower and orange blossom water, as well as aloe vera, and its high concentration of argan oil provides a good amount of vitamin A, which is ideal for fighting damages caused by the sun. There’s more: the essential oils that complete the formula (coconut, avocado, palm oil…) help to restructure skin and make it suppler. A potent mix of natural ingredients in a tiny little jar: what’s not to love?
$149.99 online.
The classy cream: Caudalie PREMIER CRU La Crème Riche
The brand from the vine is launching a rich formula to fight dehydration and come to the rescue of undernourished skin: La Crème Riche. This product bets on Viniferine, an ingredient extracted from vine sap, in order to correct and prevent the appearance of age spots, as well as give a youthful glow back to the skin. It also contains polyphenols, which are powerful vegetable antioxidants that slow down the skin’s aging process, as well as Resveratrol, which helps produce collagen and fills in wrinkles. This nutritious ointment promises firmness, an even complexion, skin that is moisturized, and ultimate comfort, and its texture is delightfully rich. Its gentle scent soothes the senses, and its beautiful glass jar is über chic. If your skin feels tight or you’re looking for a cream that will help your skin really regenerate itself, this one’s for you.
$165 in pharmacies.

The first wrinkle defense: Lise Watier Age Prevention Supreme Moisturizing Emulsion
If you haven’t heard of the brand’s star ingredient, Labrador Tea, it’s high time you learned more. This plant’s concentrated extract is a discovery that was made in the Canadian boreal forest (making it a very local ingredient!), a powerful antioxidant that is rich in vitamins and trace elements. This time around, the brand is launching a line for young women who have just started noticing the first signs of aging: Age Prevention Supreme, which includes a serum, an eye cream, and a moisturizing emulsion. The latter is a fresh formula that melts on the skin and promises to even out your complexion, tighten those pores, and revive your skin’s glow, as well as reduce fine lines and fledgling wrinkles. We like to combine it with a drop of the serum for maximum effectiveness.
$69 at Lise Watier counters.

The new line on the block: Radical Skincare Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture
We were recently invited to discover a breakthrough in the world of skincare: Radical Skincare. Two sisters from California worked hard to bring us Trylacel technology, which combines an important quantity of antioxidants, a high concentration of anti-aging actives, and plenty of soothing ingredients. The result? A super-powerful line that promises results after just a few weeks of use. Among its products, an instantly revitalizing mask really stood out thanks to its formula, which disappears into the skin, leaving it energized and glowing. We especially love the anti-aging restorative moisture cream, which helps restore our skin’s healthy glow and hydrate it, as well as reduce age spots, wrinkles, and addresses the loss of suppleness. An avant-garde cream that is particularly… radical.
$165 at Sephora.

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