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Gillette unveils its latest innovation
On June 2, Gillette razors equipped with its latest technology—a rotating handle to better adapt to the contours of the face, including the cheeks and chin—will land in pharmacies. By offering better contact with the skin, they get virtually every hair in one fell swoop. Meet the new kid on the block: Flexball technology.

Between us girls, we’ve often pointed out to one another how we open our mouths excessively wide whenever applying mascara, or how we smile rather stupidly or suck in our cheeks to better apply blush. We all do it! As it turns out, men have some antics of their own. Have you ever noticed how they look whenever they shave?

Drawing on this equally common and funny observation, Gillette has laid the foundation for this innovation that is half a decade in the making. The brand also surveyed consumers to discover that the number one priority for 8 out of 10 men when shaving is to get every single hair.

And so Gillette created this new ProGlide razor equipped with a swiveling handle. It boasts their latest über-efficient cartridge unveiled to male consumers some five years ago. The latter has five fine-edged blades topped with a coating for an effortless shave, and is equipped with a strip and a stabilizer underneath for easy gliding.

The detail that makes all the difference: this orange ball attached to the handle of the razor so the all-powerful cartridge can travel along the contours of the face with precision. This enables gents to shave more efficiently without having to stretch—or rather—make a (funny) face!

Shaving like this seems extremely simple, doesn’t it? Apparently so, so much so that according to the men who have put it to the test, the razor with a rotating handle so drastically transforms shaving that it requires some getting used to.

How lucky we were, in attendance at the North American launch of the Flexball technology in New York, to have Omar Epps, who presently stars in the hit series Resurrection, demonstrate for us. What a charming actor!

How much
Between $13.99 and $19.99 for a limited time at select retailers as of June 2, and all major retailers as of June 9.

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