What the hell is up with this ‘squiggle brow’ trend?


Maybe we’re overreacting, or maybe you’re as confused as we are, but what the hell is up with this new ‘squiggle brow’ trend?

Beauty blogger Promise Tamang posted a picture to her Instagram where she sported a vibrant purple eyeshadow and a funky lipstick look, along with a pair of wavy eyebrows. And, like most unconventional trends these days, the look went viral, with hundreds of other Instagram users and even make up artists trying out the eccentric look for themselves. We’ll admit: the results are pretty impressive!


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We’re all for beauty trends and bloggers expressing their creativity through their medium, however we can’t seem to wrap our heads around this trend! Maybe it’s because we love natural looks, or maybe it’s because we aren’t used to it, but the squiggle eyebrows trend is definitely not something we’ll be trying – not that we could even pull it off!

What do you think of this trend? Let us know!

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