What to wear on those rainy days


It’s finally starting to feel a little like spring and it would be safe to say that it’s an immense relief after the long, icy winter we had. However, even if it’s getting warmer, it definitely doesn’t mean no more precipitations. Spring means the snow is melting and rain. A lot of rain. We all know the awful feeling of wet hair and clothes or, even worse, wet shoes and socks. Here are some fashionable ways to prevent all of that from happening!


Brilasen Rain Boots, Aldo, 65.00$

Nakama Rain Boots, Spring, 19.99 $

 Annie Rain Mac Coat, Top shop available at The Bay, 115,00$

Power shoulder trench coat, Top Shop available at The Bay, 190.00$

Semi Sheer Raincoat, Zara,  49.90$

Water Resistant Raincoat, Zara,  99.90$

W raincoat, Rains available at Simons, 150.00$

Long Fluid Trench Coat, Vero Moda available at Simons, 90.00$

Long Utilitarian Raincoat, Rains available at Simons, 140.00$

Waterproof Slip-on Shoes, H&M, 34.99$



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