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What’s In and Out this Fall


As the months roll by, so do ephemeral trends and transitory pieces. With Summer slowly ceding place for Fall, you may want a refresher on the newest trends. Scroll down to see what’s in and what’s out this season!


Large florals and darker tones are all the rage, so let go of your Spring and Summer pastel microflorals for Fall!


This classic plaid and oversized look was seen everywhere this past fashion month – on the runway and on the streets. Maybe its classic look is what sets it apart from the transparent raincoat trend that lasted a few weeks?


I never thought this day would come, but kale is finally… out? Instead, everyone’s incorporating cauliflower in their recipes. As a substitute for rice and even for pizza dough, it’s this delicious vegetable’s time to shine!


Feather earrings and charms are slowly losing their delicacy, as fashionistas are opting for statement jewels once again. Yet this time, they’re going for a mix and match look! How do you feel about this one?


In a world of witches, be a Dorothy! Designers have brought back the red shoe in every form imaginable – heels, boots, sandals… The brown shoe? Not so much!


While the strobing technique is still seen every once in a while here and there, the runways were filled with smokey eyes, but not the one you would traditionally think of. Instead, makeup artists are using taupes and dark oranges to create a fierce smokey look.


No more rainbow hair! This Fall, darker natural colors were seen on the runways and on Instagram. The ‘bedhead’ look is in this season! Messily brush your hair and give it a bit of volume and curls, and your daily look is ready.

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