What’s new in fitness this season


While the idea of working out is often related to the notion of weight loss these days, it is equally important to promote fitness activities for other reasons – from health benefits to simply feeling energized and happy. The positive effects of working out regularly are by now well-known by all of us, but so are its less positive factors, namely… the less fun factors. Not everyone is a fan of exercising, and the market is aware of that. The result? A variety of fitness activities, suited for everyone. Take a look at our favorite fitness trends of the season!

Bungee fitness

This fun and upcoming fitness training involves doing everything with a bungee rope tied to your body. Not only does it enhance your regular exercise, it also works your balance and helps you develop a better sense of coordination. Plus, it is so much more fun — you feel like you’re flying!

Try it out in Montreal here.

Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo trainings are offered in various types of classes, from weekly group workouts to a Kangoo ‘boot camp’. The idea is to complete exercises while wearing these whimsical Kangoo boots. The added boots contribute to enhancing the actual workout, by increasing calorie loss (if that is what you’re looking for) to further working out the parts of the body that you are targeting. Turn on the music, and it won’t even feel like exercising anymore!

Try it out in Montreal here.

No Equipment Workout

A myth that many still believe in is that they absolutely need equipment or a gym membership to work out – which is totally false! At-home exercises are slowly becoming the next big trend, with men and women alike building their own gym at home. These workouts are a great way for beginners to figure out which exercises they like the most, while also helping you understand your own body. Plus, they are super affordable!

Try it out at home here.

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