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Whippet Gets a Makeover!


Everyone’s favorite marshmallow cookie just got a makeover! In fact, the brand Dare has asked Quebec artist Stéphane Barrette to draw two new sketches for the iconic boxes, in order to freshen up the label’s looks a bit! The fans (yes, yes) have then voted for the winning sketch, and this limited edition box will be sold in groceries starting this week! How does it look? divine.ca had the exclusivity on this. Ta-dam!

whippet internal

The chosen drawing shows a scenery that contains many of Quebec’s historical monuments -the Frontenac castle, the Jacques-Cartier bridge, the Viau cookie store – and creates a world that reminds us of our childhood! What’s even cuter? The truck covered in chocolate, a subtle way of adding our favorite cookie in the picture. So, will you be purchasing this new, adorable, box? Find it starting in mid-May at a grocery store near you.

*This content has been made possible thanks to Whippet.

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