Why do we Sweat?


Your colleague smells like sweat? You sometimes smell an odour on yourself, even though you have been using the same deodorant for years? We have asked ourselves what exactly caused perspiration, odours, and more importantly, how do drugstore products help. If our deodorant is as important as our toothbrush, understanding why we use it is the least we should do. Therefore, understanding perspiration.


I got to talk with Kati Bakes, scientist in charge of development at P&G, in order to clear things up a bit. A very important thing to know is that the main reason we sweat is because perspiration cools down the body. Therefore, it makes total sense that we sweat when we do sports or physical activities. What about the odour then? First and foremost, the odour is caused by two factors, the first one being the skin. Certain bacteria that are present on the skin create a strong odour when in contact with sweat. Also, what we eat has a huge influence on the toxins that our skin produces (hello Mexican food!).

Perspiration can be carried out two ways, through two different glands. One of them concerns the temperature of the body, and is activated during physical effort. The other one is activate during a period of stress, and is known to produce an odour stronger than normal perspiration. That explains why you sweat differently during an interview or a stressful event. You are totally normal!


Sweating is also very similar to the effect of a volcano. The gland is constantly boiling and produces sweat throughout the entire surface of the skin. Deodorants therefore act like a second skin that prevents the sweat to reach the actual skin. Did you know that is it recommended to apply deodorant at night, when the temperature of the body is at its most normal? Actually, try to find a formula that’ll act for 24 hours.

Our choices: the products from the new Secret Therapeutic collection, that offers a gel version or stick version. With a formula that prevents odours and controls moistness, Secret Therapeutic works for 24 hours straight.


Clear Gel Deodorant or Invisible Solid by Secret Clinical, $9.99 in drugstores.

What about you? Which deodorants do you use?

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