Why don’t Canadians go on vacation?


In a recent survey realized by Expedia.ca the king of travelling, we learned that over one million Canadians have not been on vacation for over 15 years. Shocking, isn’t it? Canadians have 17 days of vacation on average, and on those 17 days, they only take advantage of 15. On the other hand, Europeans have around 30 days of vacation in average. Over 10 days more than us! And to finish off, over 1.4 million Canadians say that they have never gone on holiday… Ouf.


As a person who travels a lot -I need it, it’s a passion-, I know how pricey vacations can be. However, when it is a priority and we have the tools to find cheaper trips, it is always possible. The main reasons mentioned for this lack of travelling? Too much work, not enough money.

Expedia.ca has recently celebrated its 15th anniversary in Toronto (and I was there!). That night, we got to meet some a few people from that one million that haven’t been able to travel lately. To break this cycle, Expedia.ca gave them the opportunity to go on one of their dream destinations, with a loved one or with their family. Seeing their reactions as they found out about these great news really makes us realize how important taking time off for ourselves is. For more than half of Quebecers, happiness is directly linked to travelling. Also, take a look at some of these videos and you’ll see. They are heartwarming!

And you, did you take some time off this year?

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