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Why Oprah Loves Lisette L


A local brand with international power
This pant collection is all the rage right now, and there is a single word behind its sudden success: Oprah. The brand was launched over 10 years ago, and has now been endorsed by one of the most powerful women in the world, and with good reason. Why is Lisette L suddenly garnering so much attention? Here’s the story.

First, the pant
A cut that is flattering for women of all shapes and sizes: that’s the brand’s mantra. Their famous pant made of fabric containing Spandex and elastane gives you a gorgeous figure, as well as slims your curves and flattens your tummy. A straight cut that is versatile and timeless. A machine-washable garment you’ll want to wear every day and everywhere—that’s just how comfortable it is. A winning combination for women of every size! “Everyone from young girls to their mothers love this pant,” says Lisette. What do we love? Its colourful incarnations for spring.


Spring 2015 collection

The phenomenon
Happy and bubbly, Lisette herself welcomed us to her Montreal office with a smile. Thanks to her numerous years of experience in the retail world, she was able to make her vision of this perfect pant a reality: a garment that all women, of all sizes, would want to add to their wardrobe. A pant that makes you feel beautiful; we can’t help but recall Diane Von Furstenberg’s famous wrap dress.And then there was Oprah. She fell in love with a pair of Lisette L pants during a recent cover shoot for O Magazine. Impressed with their slimming cut, she immediately ordered more pants and has worn them for other fashion editorials since. And as we all know, when Oprah likes something, she doesn’t just like it—she loves it. She then took the brand under her wing, inviting the team to join her tour, and giving the pants exposure on several occasions in her magazine. It’s been craziness in the brand’s HQ ever since: Lisette L’s success in the States is grandiose, and the designer is thrilled, of course.Besides Oprah, Kathie Lee Gifford has also mentioned the famous pant on the Today Show, explaining that it “fits like a dream.” It was an extra dose of exposure, on top of all the American fashion writers who are just as devoted to this amazing garment. What are we all waiting for to try it?

The brand

The pant is available in sizes 0 to 16 in several boutiques in Canada and the United States. Its price varies between $110 and $129. The designer insists on her creations being sold only at small retailers, because she prefers her customers to get personal advice. She really supports top-notch customer service. She also adjusts her clothing to her customers’ comments, and stays really close to their needs.The family spirit is very present in the company, and you can really feel it when you visit their offices. And we can confirm: the pant really does lengthen the legs and gives you a beautiful derrière. Our editorial team has also become huge fans!To find a Lisette L retailer nearest you, check out the boutique locator on the website. Which model from the collection will you fall for?

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